Saturday, January 21, 2006

Predicting a Splurge

I plan to use a bunch of Flex Points tonight. As I mentioned earlier, I'm spending the night with friends and we're making a big dinner. While I will be having the lower-point version of the dinner, I know there will be plenty of wine consumption. And if there's the option of a small dessert, I may go for that, too.

I've already started the day with a big breakfast. It wasn't actually breakfast food, though - I ate the leftovers from my lean turkey Hamburger Helper dinner from last night. So a whole bunch of points are already gone. I'll reverse my usual and have a light lunch, and I'll be doing about a mile of walking to get myself to the Metro. That's only about 1 Activity Point, but I'll take it.

I'll report later on how big the splurge is -- but as we all know by now, the key to WW success is planning, planning, planning!


ScottE. said...

how do activity points work with regular points?

Stef said...

Anything you earn as Activity Points can be used as extra food points during the day. Really, the ideal way to look at it is you need to eat a little more in order to sustain a higher activity level, and that's why you should take in more calories. But I work better under the "reward" system - so I usually look at it as I get to reward myself for any exercise with the equivalent amount of extra food. It's never very much, though. Most activities that you do for 20-30 minutes are only 1-2 activity points. So, whoo-hoo, I get a ff pudding cup....

I actually did pretty well on Saturday though. I splurged, but not as much as I could have. So by factoring in the activity points, I only used 4 Flex Points. The key was we didn't have any dessert!

Lady Brandenburg said...

Only four flex points!? Good Lord, good for you!!

My predicted splurge was quite the splurge on Saturday - I didn't eat too much, but oh did the wine and grappa flow. And flow.

However, I weighed myself this morning (Mon.), and after a week of being sort of back on points, and this past week of being totally back on points (except Saturday night) I lost 3.6 pounds! So That's almost 2 pounds a week! I am now 10 pounds away from my latest small goal.