Saturday, January 28, 2006

Adventures in Chain Eating

After a marathon night out last night - in which I stayed OP by pre-eating a 5 point Smart Ones meal and only having 3 beers plus a bit of hummus over the whole 6 hours at the bar - I was really exhausted and a bit hungover today. I didn't eat much all day, so I was pretty hungry and had the points available to go along with it by the time dinner came around.

AS and I met up at my place then walked the 20 minutes or so down to Dupont Circle. For the 2nd time this month, I was *foiled* by a favorite restaurant being under renovation (first Cafe Asia, now Luna Grill) so we had to improvise on our choice for dinner.

We ended up at Bertucci's. It's not a favorite normally, but it was close by and fit the budget for the evening, and I knew I could get a big salad. I ended up getting a cup of minestrone soup (with romano cheese sprinkled on top) and then their grilled chicken spinach salad. I did eat a roll with the oil dipping sauce, too, cuz I was starving. Their menu does not have many diet-friendly choices AT ALL, but sometimes that makes it a lot easier to just pick something that looks like it's the best option.

When it came time to tally up the points, I was also foiled by an apparent lack of availability of Bertucci's nutrition info. It wasn't available on Dotti's or other diet web sites, either. So, I estimated. I came up with 19.5 points for dinner. That's pretty hefty, but I still was able to stay OP for the day because I'd eaten so little earlier on and because I earned 2 Activity Points in the walking.

Still truckin' along....!

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