Friday, January 27, 2006

Kinda Splurge-y

I had a working lunch today that I (oops) almost completely forgot about, but luckily a coworker of mine grabbed me as I was otherwise on my way out the door to have lunch with a friend. So all was not lost and we went to Ten Penh to meet as scheduled. Now, Ten Penh is home to one of my absolutely favorite dishes in the city: Red Thai Curry Shrimp. MMMMMMMM. I decided that since it was a special occasion I could allow myself to order it. I actually didn't do too badly. Since I was talking for a lot of the lunch - really, just a business meeting with food in front of us - I only ate the shrimp, the pineapple, and about 1/4 cup of the rice. There was a whole lot of rice left on that plate.

I came back and did an approximate calculation of the points. Both shrimp and pineapple are extremely low in points (8 large shrimp = 1.5 points. BOSS.) so the real damage was in the curry sauce itself. I gave a fair calculation that I actually ate about 1/3 cup of the sauce itself, which is 6.5 points. A 1/2 cup is 10 points. Yowza. All told, I'm giving this lunch 10 points. That's a lot for the small amount of food that I ate, but it was so worth every deeeeelicious bite.

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