Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My Dee-Lish Dinner

I made myself a really big dinner tonight, and I had planned on doing so all day so I spent hours looking forward to it. And, wow, it did not disappoint. It was simple, really, just a fresher version of the spinach & tomato pasta that I described earlier. But instead of using canned stuff, tonight I actually used fresh spinach and some tomato basil pasta sauce. I wilted an entire pound of fresh baby leaf spinach in some garlic and olive oil, then stirred in the tomato basil sauce, and served it over angel hair pasta. Like I said, simple. But fantastic! Wow, fresh spinach is just so darn tasty.

Actually, this meal was a very close approximation to the taste of Cafe Luna's pasta with spinach and tomato sauce. I guess it's all about the fresh ingredients!

I knew it would be a pretty saucy concoction, so I also made 2 pieces of whole wheat garlic bread to eat with it and sop up all the liquid. Mmmmm, even more yumminess.

I counted up all the points for this dish. That's a new thing for me, really, since I used to kinda cheat and think "oh, pasta and veggie sauce? that's gotta be zero points." Well, not so much. But this HUGE meal, both healthy and delicious, came to a total of 13.5 points. That's a lot, but I had planned it. I used up 5 Flex Points for the day, but as you all know I'm trying to eat more of those this week and see how it makes a difference at weigh-in.


Mandy said...

I totally agree that fresh ingredients make a huge difference. I also like when I can spend time making my own dinner - it makes it taste that much better. When I get home, remind me to tell you about one of my favorite soup recipes - 1 cup has about 6 points, but it's worth every single one of them - it's really warm and filling and super yummy.

And no, it's not the Cup-A-Soup that makes up my current daily diet!

Lady Brandenburg said...

Sounds yummy!