Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I Survived Mine Field Tuesday!

Today was a rough day plan-wise. As you all know, I had the working breakfast dilemma. In case you didn't see my comment update below -- I ended up going with a berry parfait and a side of whole wheat toast. Since it was a meeting and I had to do a lot of talking, I actually didn't eat much. Only 1 piece of buttered toast and about 1 cup of the parfait. I figured 7 points total for breakfast -- granola is way high in points!

Since I didn't eat much for breakfast, I was hungry and ate a sort of big but healthy lunch at Au Bon Pain. That 5 point Asian Chicken Salad is becoming a staple, plus a tomato soup and a breadstick. It's both a blessing and a curse that Au Bon Pain takes debit cards!

A friend of mine emailed me mid-afternoon to see if I felt playing hooky, which I did. We intended to go hit a museum but our timing was off, so we ended up at a Cosi drinking hot cider. There're some beverage points I hadn't counted on. But it was so cold in that wind that the cider hit the spot.

I rounded up the day with the aforementioned dinner plans with the BFF gang. After a lot of discussion where none of us were really feeling any of the dinner options, we ended up at an old standby, Gordon Biersch. I went for the same combo I had last week - a glass of wine and the Hawaiian Chicken. The key is to not eat very much of that heavy but tasty jasmine rice.

So, I did eat a lot of food today, but I think I'm fairly accurate on counting myself at 5.5 points over. Once again, that's what Flex Points are for!

Thanks, everyone, for all of your breakfast suggestions! I'm certainly not a regular at a fancy-shmance place like the Hay-Adams, so hopefully I won't have that dilemma again for a while!


Lady Brandenburg said...

Good for you!

I have rehearsals and concerts every single night this week, so I'll be eating in the Kennedy Center canteen backstage, which basically salts the heck out of everything since nothing they serve has very much taste. Last night I had flank steak and potoatoes. I have no idea how to count the gravy... I have a feeling this week is going to be tough...

Rev. Smokin Steve said...

I ran across this blog after linking through other blogs.

I, too, have my weight loss blog posted. It is at smokinweightloss.blogspot.com

Seems to me like you are just getting started. I went through three different plans in 2005 before settling on the one that has worked for me. Weight Watchers was the second one I went through. I'm now down 82 pounds since January of 2005.

Just a word of encouragement from me to you. I hope you kick butt!