Monday, January 23, 2006


I lost another 2 pounds! Hooray!


Lady Brandenburg said...

As my BFF (at least in my head), Stacy London from "What Not To Wear" would say, SHUT UP!


I just responded to the splurge post below with my weight loss. Feels so great, doesn't it!?!?

So what is your total to date?

Stef said...

Hey Lady B - Congrats on your great loss! Nothing motivates like success, eh? My total is now 7 pounds - I'm keeping track of it up on that header line.

I love that Stacy is your BFF. Kinda like how Tyler Florence is my boyfriend. And Jon Stewart is my husband.

Lady Brandenburg said...

Yeah, both Stacy and Clinton are my secret best friends - so secret they don't even know it. :)

Velvet said...

Good work. What's the cumulative total? 7?

ScottE. said...


the magic code to type in below: ugonu

U gon (e) U! You b disappearing

Stef said...

Scotte, you crack me up! Heart ya, baby! :-)