Sunday, January 15, 2006

Oh, My Darlin'

Safeway had clementines on sale! Mmmmm...I picked up a whole box. But somehow I got one that had a butt-load of seeds in it. I've never had seeds in a clementine before, but this one piece of fruit had - seriously - 17 seeds in it. There were 2-3 seeds in each wedge, which was starting to get kind of gross. I hope that none of the rest of them have seeds like that.

I also took advantage of the Lean Pockets sale. That darn pepperoni pizza Lean Pocket is delicious. And only 6 points!

I've been really good with points today, so I now have enough left for some microwave popcorn when I'm watching my favorite night of tv. And maybe even a pudding cup or a WW cookie dough sundae! Ah, the choices....

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Lady Brandenburg said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Lean Pockets sale at Safeway. I've never had them before - today I bought the pepperoni pizza ones. Six points ain't bad for something that tastes like pizza!