Monday, June 15, 2009

Every Little Step...

This was a rough week, just in terms of me occasionally giving in to temptation... cheese and crackers, a big cookie, a Kobe beef burger, and more... but, my body seems to be working differently and somehow it's all balancing out. I lost another .4 pounds, woohoo! And thanks to my trusty little spreadsheet I can see that I've now lost a total of 5.35% of my body weight from my highest point. Hooray!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

On a Roll

I lost another 1.1 pound(s) this week - hooray! It does feel like things are getting easier and feeling more natural, and I feel good. I'm at 12.7 pounds lost total, and this past week was when I started getting several comments from people that they can tell I'm losing weight. It's not all about appearance, but it's certainly a nice motivator to get compliments and positive encouragement!

Monday, June 01, 2009

NSV! Times Two!

(aka Non-Scale Victory, a big WW term.)

So, with losing a wee bit of weight, my clothes are fitting a little better. And I had TWO good NSV's today because of it.

First of all, I was wearing a pair of pants that were very comfortable, and that I think maybe even were starting to show that I'd lost a little cuz they were definitely fitting better than they had in a while. In fact -- about 3 months ago, I wore these pants one day and was MORTIFIED that I split the zipper when I sat down at my desk. Egad! So I had to rush to the bathroom and fix it, and then suck it in for the rest of the day.

But, today? Room to breathe, and then some. Same pants!

Then, this afternoon, I was standing talking to a coworker... and she asked me "hey, have you lost a little weight?" Big smile. "Yeah, a little, thanks." Keep smiling. :-)