Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Fancy Lunch Today

I had a working lunch today at one of the nicer restaurants in the neighborhood. It's a place that has sort of fancy nouveau cuisine. I checked out the menu before I went, but there were several new options and I went for those. It worked out pretty well!

First off, I totally dissed the bread basket. No need to spend 4 points or more just to have a little piece of cornbread and some butter. Hooray for willpower! I had the soup du jour, which was this really interesting carrot, fennel and apple soup, topped with a little swirl of pumpkin oil and pumpkin seeds. Delicious! Then I tried their new "chicken salad" - which wasn't a salad like we'd normally think of at Applebees or something. It came out as 4 good-sized chunks of grilled chicken spiced with curry and other Indian flavors, and then in the middle of the plate was a "cucumber-tomato compote" with chick peas covered with arugula. I had asked for the vanilla-cardamom dressing on the side, and it was a small serving of it so that was okay. This was also really delicious, and filling. (This place isn't always very filling, so in the past when I've had work lunches there I've found myself heading to Starbucks afterwards to get something supplemental.)

I'm now back at my desk and tallied everything up. I had to go on some estimates, but I think I was pretty conservative. It came to 9.5 points - not bad! And the food was both interesting and tasty. Well done, me. :-)


Lady Brandenburg said...

Hurrah for NSVs (non scale victories)!!!

My NSV was turning down cookies, chips, cheese and other yummies at not one but TWO different meetings today. I did break down a take a big gulp of red wine during a reception after one of the meetings... I'm going to count it for 2 points.

Mandy said...

Hoo-rah! It sounds like you're really adjusting well to the changes, which is really the thing that's essential to making these changes life-long. Congratulations!