Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Fat Economy

Did you see Michael Rosenwald's WaPo column today, called "Why America Has to be Fat" ? It's about the links between the economy and obesity, and obesity and the economy.... interesting.

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Lady Brandenburg said...

Hm, interesting. The market certainly responds to the needs of the consumer.

I think a big problem is price - a lot of the kids I work with (low income, etc.) have families who are poor but obese - mainly because fast food is cheap food. Going out to dinner for them is going to an all you can eat buffet filled with fried stuff.

I think the other problem is education (and not necessarily just in schools). Because I'm an ex-teacher and a current education director, I say we need more education about nutrition - targeted at people who don't necessarily read a newspaper, or see a doctor regularly, or watch the Today show or 60 Minutes, and who can't afford to join a gym for $75 or more a month or buy $5 garlic at Whole Foods.