Sunday, January 22, 2006

Food Gallery

Sometimes I take pics of food I'm making if it looks particularly colorful, so now I present to you some recent dishes....

My Dee-Lish dinner of pasta with fresh spinach and tomato sauce:

My Spanish rice cooking on the stove:

This is a WW trick I heard a long time ago. Take a regular boxed package of Spanish rice, which calls for adding water and one can of tomatoes. Do that, but also add a bunch more stuff to your liking to make it more fiber-rific. I usually add a 2nd can of tomatoes (the kind with green chiles or jalapenos), a can of light red kidney beans, another can of either dark red kidney beans or black beans, and as much as an entire pound of frozen corn. All the beans and veggies lower the overall point value per serving and make the single package of Spanish rice go a lot further. I made this last week and ate it for 5 big satisfying meals. You can figure out the points by sorta calculating a combination of the prepackaged Spanish rice as prepared and the added beans, corn, etc. I usually top it with a little reduced fat cheddar cheese. Yummy!


ScottE. said...

I have not had the packaged spanish rice, but have done something similiar...regular white rice of your choice, then add in about 1/2 a packet of taco seasoning. then the add-ins you like, onions, tomatoes, peppers...are what I do.

Stef said...

Scotte -- sounds very similar and tasty. I should add in onions next time. I just saw that my Safeway sells little pint-packages of pre-chopped onion. That could be a good solution for me, cuz I (a) have no space for chopping anything, and (b) cry my eyes out whenever onion is involved.