Saturday, January 14, 2006

Weekend Plan

I'm taking it pretty easy this weekend, which I'm excited about. I tend to be really busy during the week, so I like having quiet weekends. Here's the general plan...

Saturday (today):
Um, do NOTHING all day except watch bad cable and play with my iPod. I'm conserving points to use when I go out tonight. Friends and I are going to my curent favorite restaurant, and while I will play it safe with a really tasty entree salad, I'm damn well going to use some Flex Points on a little mini-burger as an appetizer. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

I'm expecting a lazy Sunday (but no Chronic-what?-les of Narnia), and tomorrow will probably also be my grocery day. Since I'm spending the whole day on my own, I imagine I will be blogging. ;-)

As long as the weather is okay, I plan to go for a long walk and then meet a friend for a movie. We're not doing a meal, maybe just coffee, so I'll be able to be good about my points. But maybe I'll treat myself by going downtown early and getting a nice soup/salad lunch. There is an Au Bon Pain very close to the movie theater. I'll keep you posted. And then there will be popcorn Monday night, for it's my 2nd-favorite awards show of the year, the Golden Globes! I've got the 94% fat-free box at the ready....

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