Friday, January 20, 2006

Hooray for Supportive Friends!

Just a little shout out....not only have all of you bloggie friends been wonderful supporters of my WW project, but the people I see on a regular basis have been really great, too. Of course, my work week lunch buddies have nicely come along with me to Au Bon Pain many times (thank goodness for their wide variety of choices).

But today, a good friend of mine was so sweet. I am planning on spending Saturday to Sunday with friends who live up in Gaithersburg, and when we do these weekend visits we usually go all out with cooking big meals and drinking lots of wine. One of our favorite things in the past was the giant stuffed pork chop that she gets at the Amish market up in Germantown (I think) - it's huge, and stuffed with bread and cheese and rich, fat, goodness. So she called today as she was doing her shopping and said "This is what we were planning on getting...but what do you want to eat? Do you want us to get you something different and healthier?" And we talked about options and decided that I would eat a plain pork chop, and she's gonna get a bunch of extra veggies and light sides to make for me while they eat the usual high-pointy stuff. Hooray! That was so sweet of her to think about me and ask before making their plans.

As y'all know, any kind of major effort like this is easiest when you've got your own network of cheerleaders -- so thanks, y'all, for being so encouraging and - as the case may be - for making special shopping trips for me! :-)

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Lady Brandenburg said...

You are a lucky girl!

Some people, not close friends of course, but coworkers and aquaintences, board members, etc., unintentionally try to derail me. They are the ones who say, "oh, just splurge, you've been doing really well, you can eat/drink this!" Sometimes it's hard to stick up for yourself - especially at work events.

Go Stef go!!