Monday, January 30, 2006

Keeps on Tickin'!

I lost another 2 pounds to Ditech! (Well, not to Ditech, but I'm watching CNN and it's inevitable that I'll see that commercial at least twice!)

Hooray! Perhaps it will be next week that I hit the 10-pound mark?!?


Velvet said...

Awesome! You are doing great. Is this 9 lbs?

Stef said...

Yep, 9 pounds! This is seriously the most successful I've been on a diet plan in years. In the past, I'd always quit by now. So thanks Velvet and everyone for all of your support and encouragement!

Velvet said...

Well, I knew it wasn't just bs talk (like me) when you posted this blog.

As we discussed via email, I was bs dieting until my overweight eyes saw my overweight self get on the scale.

Lady Brandenburg said...

YAYYYY! You go go go go go! Doesn't it feel so great!?!?

(I think I'm at 4.6 pounds down in about three weeks, not too bad... but I was REALLY BAD this weekend. Have some catching up to do this week!)

Ms. M the Mixin' Vixen said...

dude, you are so rocking it!
way to go!!!!

Stef said...

Velvet: I hope your SB day went well today!!! Keep me posted.

Lady B: You're doing great, too! The beauty of WW is that even if you goof up, all is not lost - tomorrow truly is another day. (Cue Cher and the inspirational commercial....)

Ms. M: Thanks for your comments - I've added you as a link on my other blog. :-)