Friday, January 20, 2006

Dancing with the Stars

I admit I'm totally addicted to this show, and even chose to stay home on a Friday night and decline an invite in order to watch it... but I do want to give props to the show for its casting. I'm really glad that they include a fairly diverse set of celebrity "contestants" as far ast body type goes. Sure, Lisa Rinna, Stacy what's-her-name and Giselle Fernandez are in ridiculously good shape. But I love that they had both Tatum O'Neal and new mom Tia Carrerre. These are two very attractive women who happen to have hips, and thighs, and even a bit of a belly. These women are out there dancing in fabulous outfits, showing off their bodies and the way they can move, and they are unabashedly sexy. And I really give the show credit for helping to show how women who are bigger than a size 2 CAN be sensual, sexy, and really comfortable in their own skin.

In case you're wondering -- I'm totally rooting for Drew. May he become the more famous Lachey! He's just so cute and enthusiastic, and he really is a great dancer.

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