Sunday, February 26, 2006

Today's Safeway Deals

I finally made it to the grocery store today. I think it's been about 2 weeks since I've made a real grocery trip, and I know it's had an effect on how well I've been eating. Like I said at the very beginning, I need to try to make sure that I go to the store really regularly. Cuz otherwise, I just go to the convenience store in my basement - like I did this week - and just buy mac & cheese and ice cream and stuff. So I'm glad I went today and bought all kinds of healthy, WW-friendly items.

Today's good dieting sales:

Hanover canned kidney beans and black beans - 64 cents, reg price 79 cents
South Beach cereal bars - $2.50, reg price $3.99
Starkist Lite Tuna in Water 3-pack - $2.59, reg price $2.69
Barilla Tomato Sauce - $2.50, reg price $2.95
Green Giant boxed broccoli in low-fat cheese sauce - $1.50, reg price $2.00
Smart Ones - $2.20, reg price $3.49
Lean Pockets - $2.25, reg price $2.75
Fresh Ground Turkey - I don't know what the per pound sale price was, but I saved about $3.50 on two packages. Woohoo!
Del Monte Fruit Naturals pineapple cups - $1.00, reg price $1.50
Sliced Mushrooms - $2.00, reg price $2.29
Safeway reduced-fat wheat thins - $1.50, reg price $1.99
Safeway chili seasoning mix - 79 cents, reg price 99 cents

One of the men stocking the freezer case gave me the tip that Lean Cuisines will be going on sale this Wednesday. Be on the lookout!!!

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Ms. M the Mixin' Vixen said...

oh! thanks for the l.c. tip! i may need to make a trip wednesday evening...