Sunday, February 05, 2006

Game Day at Safeway

9:00 am on a Sunday is a great time to go to Safeway, even on Super Bowl Sunday. It was practically empty and I got to be the only person in line at the check-out. It was cute to see how many older guys from the neighborhood were just kinda hanging out and talking football with the Safeway guys restocking the shelves. From the talk, it sounds like the Steelers are gonna win (they better!) but some guys were resolutely in Seattle's corner. As a former yinzer, I did actually jump into the conversation at a few points. :-)

On to the diet-friendly sales:
Hamburger Helper - $1.99, regular price $2.59
the red box (I have no idea what brand) of farfalle pasta - $1.00, reg price $1.39
Reduced fat Wheat Thins - $1.66, reg price $3.19
Campbells Chunky turkey chili - $1.66, reg price $2.95
Lean Cuisine, pizzas and select entrees- $2.50, reg price $3.29
Perdue chicken tenders - $5.60, reg price $6.11 (probably by weight)
Safeway brand pink lemonade light canister - $2.99, reg price $3.99
Safeway brand reduced fat, low sodium chicken broth - $.60, reg price $.88

Several of these items are key ingredients for my cooking plans for later today. Stay tuned....

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