Friday, February 03, 2006

A Much-Needed Splurge

I have been craving a steak for more than a week. Which is funny, cuz I just recently started eating beef again after 8 years of no red meat. But, boy, do I have the taste for it again.

I have been pretty good this week on sticking close to my daily points allowance and not using many of the Flexies. And today I was really good - a 1-point breakfast and a light lunch, with no snacks. Since today was my one-month reward day at the Spa, I didn't spend it at my desk wanting my 3 o'clock munchies. And I got in a good amount of Activity Points - 3 of them over the course of the day.

In keeping with the reward day theme, I decided to splurge at dinner. A friend and I met at Austin Grill and I went for their semi-affordable version of the big steak dinner. Of course, I started with chips and salsa and a sangria. Then the steak dinner, which came with a nice big side of steamed broccoli and some garlic mashed potatoes. I only ate a few bites of the potatoes, but made sure I ate all the broccoli. And, well, all of the steak... :-)

I just tallied it up, and really, it wasn't so bad. The steak itself is high in points, but it's not like it's pizza or buffalo wings. With that whole dinner, plus the rest of the day, I ended up at 36 points. The 3 AP's count, and so I'm really only using 7 Flexies. And there are still plenty to use if I need a little freedom on the weekend!

Wow, it was tasty. I can certainly plan for more special treat steak dinners in the future!

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