Saturday, February 11, 2006

Not Like I Used To

An unexpected NSV (non-scale victory) for today... As y'all know, this is my dieting break birthday-weekend. I haven't been terrible, but I definitely have been enjoying my celebrations. I ate a decent lunch yesterday but last night survived on lots of beer and grazing of greasy bar appetizers, followed by some s'mores. I didn't eat much in quantity, but it was all crap. Today, I had a small breakfast but then met a friend at one of my favorite restaurants for a late lunch. I had 2 greasy/delicious mini burgers and I ordered a chicken pesto pizza. I ate 3 of the 6 pizzas and had the rest wrapped up for home. Then we saw a movie, and I did order a small butter popcorn and ate about half of it.

This is not a ton of food compared to what I used to eat before restarting the diet, but it's definitely more and lower quality food than I've eaten in the past month. And guess what? When it came time for dinner tonight - when normally I would have heard the siren song of that leftover pizza in the fridge - I was NOT hungry. In fact, I was feeling pretty grossly full. I just didn't want to eat anything. By 10 o'clock, I knew I had to at least eat something small, and the only thing that appealed to me was a package of the Green Giant broccoli in low-fat cheese sauce. I just ate that and I still don't want anything more today.

So, the NSV of all of this is that on a day when I'd given myself free rein to eat whatever I wanted... there really wasn't much that I wanted! I ate a big-for-dieting lunch and that was more than enough for the whole day.

Tomorrow will be a culinary adventure with a huge Sunday brunch, and then once that's over the diet is back on again. But if tomorrow's anything like today, that one big meal will probably be enough to get me through the whole day!


Edna said...

Keep strong!

I find that packing my own lunch each day keeps me on my diet... Also, be sure to eat breakfast - skipping this meal leads to late night munchies.


Pretty in Pink said...

You're the only person I could think of who would truly appreciate this story...

I didn't really consider non scale victories before I was reading your post on them. It's a numbers game for me. But today I had a total NSV. I knew I was going out for lunch. I opted for the salad bar but the thought of a BLT beckoned me...I figured it couldn't be that bad, 3 slices of bacon 4pts, bread another 4...8pts and a salad, wouldn't be so bad for lunch. Well I opened the sandwhich and was shocked it was LOADED with bacon. I took it all off, put just 4 slices back on and gave the rest to a coworker. I was so proud of myself! Plus I only ate half and will finish it for dinner, so I don't feel like lunch was so bad after all!



Stef said...

Good for you! That's totally an NSV!

I just had one of my own... a friend and I went down to the snack bar at work. I had totally picked up the little pack of 6 chocolate donuts to look at them, and my friend was like "what are you doing?!? put those down!" So I said "I was just reading the fat content - 22 grams!" I put them down and grabbed the Snackwells pack. 5 grams of fat. Much better!