Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Perhaps I've taken in less salt in the last few days.... but guess what?!? My trusty Westhampton ring, which I've worn almost every day for, oh God, 9 years? Anyway, my ring is now sliding very easily on and off my ring finger. In fact, it's a little loose and floppy. Hooray! The last time I was on WW for real, it got so loose I had to wear it on my middle finger. I'm not there yet, by far, but this still is a great sign!


ScottE. said...

Pssst....I have been coming here everyday and reading what you're doing...since you started this around the first of the year....sort of getting encouragement from you and others...but not doing anything myself...but something's happened....

I thought I had strep throat so I ran to the doctor yesterday to get swabbed. they weigh you each time...and I glanced at my chart...two months ago was my last visit....I've lost 14 pounds!

BUT HOW!!!!! I think it's less of the chocolate at my desk...more of the turkey sandwich for lunch instead of grilled cheese...little bits like that....

So thanks!

Lady Brandenburg said...

ScottE - sometimes just being aware of what you eat and making teeny tiny changes or choices makes a big difference! And like you said, less chocolate and alcohol - that can make a big difference - go ScottE go!

And yay for the NSV - loose rings - woohoo!

Stef said...

Scotte, you rock my world in yet another way! :-)

It's amazing the difference you can make just by cutting out things like bad snacks, full-sugar soda, an extra helping, etc.

For me, the best easy thing has been cutting out my regular Starbucks runs in the morning. I'll still go sometimes when I need a caffeine fix but I only allow myself a tall skim chai. Before Christmas, I was going every morning and getting a grande skim chai AND a muffin or a piece of coffee cake or something, AND eating full meals for the whole rest of the day.

Scotte, I'm so proud of you! And thanks to you and everyone else for being so supportive of me on this here blog. :-)