Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Birthday Splurge Has Begun

As I predicted, things are starting to get more challenging as I approach birthday weekend. And I'm allowing it! Today I used my first birthday restaurant gift certificate at Austin Grill. And since today was one of the worst days I've had at work in a very, very long time, I *knew* by about 10:30 that I wanted a steak for lunch. So I did. I was pretty good otherwise - not splurging on other items at lunchtime, but that steak is a pretty hefty point load.

Then the day continued to get worse and worse - very melodramatic. At one point, I gave up on the day and sat on the floor near one of my staff member's desks and bemoaned the day while I polished my shoes. Literally! So she and another staff member dragged me (right, twisting my arm) to Starbucks for fortification before our event tonight. I went for the tall skim chai, good, and I got a chocolate chunk cookie, not so good. But I only ate 3 bites of it, good. This further confirmed both the facts that (a) I am an emotional eater, and (b) I'm doing okay at controlling things, cuz I coulda ate that whole darn thing.

Then we had the catered event tonight. I had my glass of wine and just a few bites off of the grazing table. Nothing too bad, but it still adds up.

The day was saved by the fact that - due to the event tonight and a donor tour this afternoon - I was on my feet running around or leading tours for about 4 hours of the day. So I just gave myself a blanket 4 Activity Points. It may be more, it may be less. Counting up all of the points for the day, I only dipped into the Flexies for about 5.5 of them. Not horrible, but I certainly hadn't wanted to do that yet, knowing of the splurge that is coming over the weekend. But, overall, I'm cool with it. Tomorrow's another day, with another major catered event and lots of on-my-feet time. But hopefully I won't have all the trauma and drama that I had today!


Edna said...

Oh, my weakness - FREE FOOD...

Not sure why, but any food at a business event seems to always find its way to my plate. Yum-yum, but it adds curves to my figure.

Also, it doesn't help that I stopped today at the local bakery (a real one - not a grocery store), and bought pizza dough for tonight's dinner. However, I couldn't walk out the door without a heart shaped cookie with lots of V-Day decorations. hmm... crumbly-goodness! (I guess I'll be skipping lunch today.... )

What are you tasting?,

Asian Mistress said...

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I have something to tell you re: WW/Dottie's from a friend!