Friday, February 24, 2006


Ugh. I didn't really need the confirmation, but here it is: I am a stress eater.

Yesterday was a very tense day at work, one of those where by the end of the day I felt demoralized and as if I'd been beaten up cuz I spent the whole afternoon putting out a series of fires. I have a thick skin, so none of this really upset me personally, but it's still stressful and exhausting, taking both an emotional and a physical toll.

When I came home, I was single-minded: I wanted to comfort myself with food. And I had a particular kind of food in mind - macaroni and cheese, the kind from a box. I went down to the mini-mart in the basement to pick up some. And I decided "what the heck?" - that if I was splurging on one vice I might as well just quench all of my cravings and get it all out of the way on one night. So I also bought a real Coke and a pint of Ben & Jerry's mint chocolate cookie ice cream. I felt happier already, just having it all in my grocery bag.

I made the mac 'n cheese, but luckily I was running low on supplies so I didn't make it exactly as called for. It says to use a whopping 4 tbsps of butter, but I only had 1 tbsp left, so that actually helped a lot with the points.

I ate all of the mac 'n cheese, drank 1/2 the Coke before it started to make me feel icky, and ate about 1/2 the pint of ice cream. God, by about 11 pm I felt terrible. My stomach was very angry with me.

I just tallied it all up, which is an NSV in itself cuz sometimes I just wouldn't ever count all this stuff. The good thing is I'd been really good during the rest of the day, so it's just the nighttime that screwed everything up. The mac 'n cheese: 19 points; The Coke: 2.5 points; The ice cream: 14 points. Wahhhh!!!!

So I have now used up all of my flexies for the week and then some. I think I'm at negative 5.5. Ah well, today's a new day. And my throat is hurting so I think I'm gonna stay home for a while this morning and take it easy. Back to soups...


ScottE. said...

boxed mac&cheese is 19 pts? holy undies! that's insane. it's noodles, powdered cheese, milk and butter....I'm really suprised by that!

Everyone has night's like that. Be happy it's just some food you go for....You could be doing yourself something worse!

Stef said...

Yep, 19 points. And that's with only 1 tbsp of butter. If I'd used the 4 tbsp it called for, it would've been 28 points!!!

And this is how it's so easy to gain weight....

Lady Brandenburg said...

I'm right there with you sister.

Again, as I said in a previous comment, because of a death in my family, I've been "treating" myself. Same as emotional or stress eating - food as a reward. I didn't go to my monthly weigh in last night because I checked my scale at home and I'm more than two pounds over my goal, which means as a Lifetimer I'd have to pay. So I'm going to go Saturday morning instead - I always weigh less in the morning! I'm pretty pitiful.

Then I need to get my ass back in gear, because this s*** is bananas - I need to stop drinking beer every night and stop eating ice cream. Bleh.

Ms. M the Mixin' Vixen said...

well, another way to look at this is as a reminder of how ill you felt after over-indulging yourself.

at least that's how i view it when i'm the floor clutching my stomach after i ingest enough ice cream to feed a little league team.