Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sore Throat = Comfort Food

I've been a lazy bum for the last two days, trying to get rid of a bad sore throat and just a general haze of fatigue. I've been staying on plan, but the kind of food I've been eating to make my throat feel better is just making me feel kinda blah and heavy. What does one eat for 2 days of sore throat pain? Lots of hot and starchy stuff.

Egg beaters with low-fat cheese
Apple juice
More apple juice
Wheat bread w margarine
Beef vegetable soup
Hot chocolate

Apple cinammon oatmeal
Orange juice
Canned bean chili with low-fat cheese
Wheat bread w margarine
And probably more hot chocolate later

Boring, huh? My throat does feel a little better, but I'm nervous about that weigh-in tomorrow. Starchy stuff usually doesn't help with the scale....

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Selena Kang said...

Hey Stef! One of my new favorite comfort foods is caramel rice cake (Quaker) with peanut butter spread on it. It's delicious and WW friendly. Around 2 pts. or less! Give it a try.

Congratulations on your successes!