Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Decisions, Decisions

I'm heading out to the Blogger HH tonight, and meeting my partner in crime beforehand for a quick dinner. I think so far we've narrowed it down to 2 cheap places for dinner, and now I need to do some investigating to see which will be more WW-friendly. The choices are either Cosi or Baja Fresh. We've already established (with the tip from Lady B) that Cosi is not very point-friendly, with most things there topping 10 points at best. But I'm not sure how bad Baja Fresh is -- I think they have some low-carb options, so maybe there will be something good there? I'm going to do some investigating and I'll let you know -- but if you have any tips about eating at other place, or other options in the Dupont area, feel free to share!


Lady Brandenburg said...

I think at some Baja Fresh places you can get a salad with shrimp on it - that would be super low points. Or a 'bare burrito?' I don't know - when I go there it is usually to splurge and I end up getting the grilled veggie burrito with black beans which is approx. 3,455 points.

Let us know what you go with!

Velvet said...

Baja Fresh is mostly high pointage items I bet because almost everything there with the exception of the aforementioned shrimp salad is over 700 calories. Yikes.

Cosi has a Tomato Basil mozz sandwich, I bet that's ok. Also the signature salad I would bet is ok.

ScottE. said...

Could you "make your own" salad at cosi for less points? lettuce, veg, dressing on the side? some chix for protein? skip the bread, or only do 1/2 of it. The salads are larger, but you could save 1/2 for later or maybe just request less?

what about just having 1 krispy kreme for dinner?

Stef said...

So the verdict is Cosi. I probably would've gone for Baja myself, but democracy is as democracy does. :-)

I just had a really unsatisfying side salad at lunch. Blah. So I'm gonna investigate the options on the Cosi low-fat sandwich list. Maybe a turkey or hummus?

Lady Brandenburg said...

Hummus sandwich is 10 points. That's filling, esp. if you get with baby carrots. Sig. salad is also 10 points.