Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Today's NSV

For those of you unfamiliar with the WW lingo, NSV = a non-scale victory. As in a good thing that doesn't relate to exact pounds lost. We celebrate NSV's just as much as SV's! :-)

So, back to the story.... I just dodged a little minefield of my own making! I knew when I came in this morning that I would have to make a trip to Starbucks, cuz the sinus medicine has me in dire need of caffeine. At about 10:30, a friend and I went over. And I remarked to my friend, "I'm a little hungry, too. Maybe I'll get a low-fat muffin or something."

When we were there, I scanned the food options. And while several things looked tempting - the reducted fat coffee cake, for example - I decided to not get anything. I thought "that's about as reduced fat as my a@@" and made the call that I would just get my tall, non-fat chai latte and then come back to the office and eat my 3-point granola bar. My friend said "Good for you!" And so does the WW points tracker. A quick check of Dotti's says that even the low-fat coffee cakes would still have run me 6-8 points, which I so didn't need.

Hooray for smart decision-making!


Lady Brandenburg said...

What restraint!

Edna said...

Not me! I happend to earn a free lunch today for some team building event.... any-hoo, I strolled into the cafe looking for a "slim" option - I walked out with a massive chicken breast sandwich with CHEESE, chips, one of those large soft pretezls, and a baked apple crisp. Which I washed down with water.... ho-hum... needless to say, I had to skip dinner tonight.

I like my curves but thin taste so much better! Don't you agree?

I'll try better tomorrow!

What are you tasting?,

Mandy said...

Ooh...very well done, Stef! You're a stronger woman than me!