Monday, February 20, 2006

A Moratorium on Splurging

So, tonight was the final birthday celebration. It was amazing - dinner at the Melting Pot is never less than sinful - but it's definitely time for this phase of splurging to be over. What's the onomatapoiea (spelling?) for the feeling you have when you're bloated and have your cheeks all puffed out from being full? That's what I'm feeling right now. Urrgh. Pfffft. Ullgghhh.

I was good the rest of the day.... and tomorrow it's back on track, for real. Thanks, everyone, for celebrating with me. And now I need your support again as I go back to soups, salads, and light wraps! :-)

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Lady Brandenburg said...

Good for you for your one pound loss despite all your celebrating! That is never the case with me. I have to 'pay' for my splurging.

Splurging is so easy, isn't it? Especially around special occasions, or, in my case, with a death in the family - so many excuses to 'treat' yourself. After the death of my uncle, I have been eating crap for two weeks now and have gained three pounds. UGH.

So, here is a question for all of us - what can we do for ourselves - for happy or sad events - to treat ourselves BESIDES eating good food? And besides treating ourselves to a spa day, because while I can do that every once in a while, it's too expensive to do all the time!

Yesterday I was feeling crappy and sore throaty and 'treated' myself to ice cream. Bad me! What else could I have done!?