Saturday, February 25, 2006

Good Choices

So, I ended up going way over my points again yesterday... but that is tied specifically to the fact that I ate too much dessert last night. What I'm actually proud of about yesterday is that I made a lot of really good choices. Although I ate *too much* food, the food that I was eating was mostly pretty darn good for me.

At lunch, I was again feeling majorly stressed. In fact, I'd had plans to go meet friends at Au Bon Pain for a healthy soup/salad outing, but work was not going well and there was no way I could leave for an hour without resolving a whole lot of issues. So, sadly, I had to cancel. But I still needed to buy lunch. My first instinct was to just go to the Deli and get some fries and grilled cheese, cuz I was so stressed and I just wanted grease. But, my feet didn't fail me.... I ended up going to a different cafe and getting a really healthy lunch to go: a small skim chai, a gorgeous mixed greens salad, and a cup of lentil soup. I was really hungry, so I did eat the 4-inch baguette with a little butter that came with the salad. But, what the heck, the rest of the lunch was so healthy and light I was okay with it.

I went out to another friend's place for a small dinner party last night. She and I had been talking all week about her intended menu and how to make it WW-friendly, which I really appreciated. The meal was delicious - and my only downfall here was in eating too much of it. Ah, portion control. She made roasted chicken with rosemary that smelled divine, with wilted spinach and caramelized onions, a side salad with a lite vinaigrette. She also made a dish of homemade macaroni n' cheese, but she doctored the recipe to make it much lower in fat than it would've been otherwise. I did have a few (ahem, big) bites of that. But I made sure to fill my plate mostly with all of the green stuff, and that spinach especially was delicious.

The bad decision-making of the night came after dinner, and I like to think my critical thinking skills were a little impaired by the wine.... there was a Boston Creme Cake for dessert, and I found myself eating - oops - two pieces of it. It was so tasty!!!

Well, between the last 2 days, my point total is a complete wash for this week. It happens. But I'm glad that I'm still focusing on making mostly good decisions about what it is I'm eating. I don't know what to expect with this week's weigh-in, but I'm still feeling good about how I'm doing. It's so important to at least be thinking about making choices, rather than just shoving the closest food item into your mouth.... :-)

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