Monday, February 06, 2006

My First Milestone

My scale (the dial kind, not a digital) was a little wonky this morning as it somehow had gotten thrown off in the past week, but after fixing it it looks like I lost another pound this week. Just one pound isn't as exciting as the 2-3 pounds I have been losing, but it is when you consider that this means I've hit the 10 pound mark. Hooray!

I did use a lot more of my Flex Points last week, mostly on Cheerios!, so I probably need to keep that more in balance. But I know this week is gonna be filled with allowed splurges cuz my birthday weekend is coming up! I have 2 major plans, one that involves lots of alcohol and one that involves lots of food. I'm allowing myself to enjoy those events, so I'm not stressing about how it will affect the scale next week. I'll be staying on plan for the rest of the week, of course, but I'm planning that most bets are off for those 2 celebrations.


Velvet said...

Good work!

I lost 4 lbs. this past week. I really love me some South Beach Diet. Of course from here on out it will only be a pound or two, but at least I have some room in my clothes now. It's a good feeling.

Pretty in Pink said...


Stef said...

Thanks, gals!

Velvet: I'm glad SB is working for you, and that you're feeling good about it! :-)

Velvet said...

I'm not so sure about feeling "good." If I see another piece of fish I'm going to vomit. But, one more week of this, and I can start introducing normal foods back in. It's a price I'm willing to pay for months of senseless eating.

The WW way is probably better and more effective long term.

Lady Brandenburg said...

Yay! 10 lbs!

I blew it this weekend and had a 3 pound gain this morning on my scale - hope it's mostly water weight! Ugh.

Edna said...

Hi Stef:

I followed you over from the Eat with Me Blog.

I read your posts - congrats on your first milestone! From one person that loves food, I can tell you that I often have to battle the bulge.

By the way, do you find it hard to limit your food intake while reading food blogs? I do! In fact, if I am trying to fit into a new cocktail dress I often have to turnoff the FoodTV channel as it always makes me want to chow down.

Anycase, Congrats again! And looking forward to more of your post.

What are you tasting?,

Blue Dog Art said...

Yeah for you! Congrats on the milestone.

Oh, and I have to add...Yeah! Steelers!

Stef said...

Lady B: Just stick with it... even when you blow it sometimes, at least you know how to get back on track. And, in the words of GIJoe, knowing is half the battle.

Edna: Welcome! Interesting question - I read food blogs (well, just my friends' food blogs, but I have very foody friends) and I am addicted to the Food Network. It's actually not that much of a temptation, since I'm not much of a cook myself so there's very, very little chance that I'll be inspired to get up and make any of the recipes. I just find reading/watching interesting, and I like to be more educated about the foods that I do eat. The hardest moment was actually earlier today when I was watching the Food Network's Top 5 show all about chocolate. Mmmmmm.

Mandy said...

Congratulations Stef!