Saturday, February 18, 2006

Regaining the Mo'

I think birthday week combined with work events and some emotional stress have all taken a toll on my momentum. It's been harder for me to stick to my points each day, and even when I'm sticking to the points I haven't been as religious about tracking everything online. Today's been easy, cuz I'm just sitting at home, and I hope that I'll be better again about regaining my discipline. I've been doing so well! So even though I just have one final birthday celebration, I'm trying to get motivated again. (Yes, I know, it's been somewhat ridiculous that I've had such an extended birthday thing - but that snowstorm threw a wrench in the plans and people keep wanting to treat me to dinner! Who am I to argue?)

There was a great WW message board post today from someone who was venting. She said she remembered reading some other person's post about how she had just made her Lifetime status and lost tons of weight, but she'd done it by eating only turkey and salads for an entire year. The current poster was using that as an example of the way that she - and the rest of us - would NEVER want to do it. There were lots of great responses and "Hallelujahs!" from other commenters about how they make WW work for them, and still can eat steak and drink wine, etc. I know it's becoming a cliche for me to say this, but the beauty of WW is that you CAN learn how to eat what you love and still lose weight. It teaches you how to incorporate sensible amounts of your favorite things in with a healthy diet. And so you can have birthday weeks or pizza binges or a night with 6 glasses of wine, and still stay on track.

So that's what I need to do now -- just get back in the swing. The best trick is to make sure I write everything into my Points Tracker, cuz then I really know how I'm doing.


Law Dancer said...

I'm not sure if it would help, but I have a lower-fat shrimp etoufee recipe. I'm still working on the gumbo one - tweaking it down is hard though. Any ideas on how to make a faux roux?

Anyhow, if you want it, just shoot me an email (lawdancer at gmail).

Mandy said...

You can do it! I know it's easy to lose momentum, but you've already lost 10 pounds - that's great!

BoiseLadie said...

Sticking to it,and learning how to eat for life, is how it's done. I have been doing the points system since October, and have done good. I've got a long way to go, but I'm on my way. Good luck to you.