Monday, February 13, 2006

Foiled by Dotti's!

Okay, so I just calculated the points for that salad I had today by using the info on Au Bon Pain's actual nutrition info site. Dotti's a total liar! According to ABP and the Points Calculator, my lunchtime salad was only *8* points!

I had actually received an email yesterday from Asian Mistress, sharing with me the advice of a friend who had found Dotti to be less-than-reliable in the past. In this case, it worked in my favor cuz she had it so much higher. But beware that Dotti may be lowballing certain things.... I think it's best to always check for the restaurant's own nutrition info first before going for Dotti's answers. I haven't lost total faith in her, but this was not a happy development.


Lady Brandenburg said...

It is best to check the actual info, but Dottie's is a good guideline in a pinch. If a restaurant doesn't have their info on a website, I go with her.

Velvet said...

I'm off. I couldn't take it anymore. I have been sick to my stomach for three days with this stupid diet. Today I had a real live sandwich (bread! Woo hoo!) and about 11 mini PB cups. Eff it. I can't walk around feeling lightheaded all day.

Asian Mistress said...

Yay for me :)

And boo for Dotti!