Wednesday, May 31, 2006

An Unintended Slip-Up

Well, partially unintended. As in I only intended to be partially bad but was instead really bad - but not on purpose!

Today had the challenge of one meal at an airport. I was trying to time it out so that my mid-morning departure time could allow for a breakfast at the airport. Since I've gone out of town, I hadn't bought groceries in a while and had very little in the fridge to eat this morning. I went for a granola bar super-early, but by airport time (10:30ish) I was starving.

I made it to the gate area at around 10:45ish (gotta love National on a day when no one else is flying - no lines!!!) and surveyed the choices. There are NO good choices in the USAirways gate area. Both in terms of WW-friendliness and just plain taste. I decided to check out Jerry's Subs, though, to see if I could get a breakfast sandwich. An egg sandwich on a bagel isn't great, but I was willing to allow it as just the usual bad food on travel days.

Dang, I got there too late for breakfast. So I quickly scanned the menu and came up with what I thought was a next-best option.

I ordered a turkey sub. The 8-inch, cuz I knew it would probably be lunch and have to hold me until dinner at the homestead tonight. Then I decided to splurge and order the combo, with a Coke and steak fries. Oops.

I waited while they made my order and the orders of the people in front of me. The woman in front of me had ordered an 8-inch tuna. I looked at my receipt to check my order number, and then noticed that they had rung ME up for an 8-inch tuna. Huh. That's not what I wanted. But I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt because turkey and tuna were listed together as the same price, so I thought maybe they had the same code in the computer. Or something. Trust me, it had been hard communicating with the cashier already.

The woman in front of me got her tuna. I saw the Jerry's Sub person making the next sandwich, and I thought she was putting salami on it. Huh, I thought. That must not be mine. I sorta looked away for a minute to get my drink, and then they called my order. The lady handed me the sandwich and I was a little suspicious. I asked, "What kind of sandwich is this?" And she said "Tuna." Very definitively. Again, it wasn't what I had ordered, but I didn't have time to argue and just figured I'd eat it.

I walked over to find a table and got myself all spread out and finally unwrapped the sandwich. Was it turkey? What I had ordered? No. Was it tuna? What she told me it was? No. What was it? The Italian cold cut trio. Salami, ham, and pepperoni. Damn. Not at ALL what I had ordered and terribly, horribly, non-point friendly.

So what did I do?

I ate it. And damn did it taste good.


Brunette said...

Ha! The woman assembled your Italian cold cut sandwich, then told you it was tuna? Would life be easier if you, too, had no shame?

Eh, an accidental slip. So you'll make up for it later. For your sake I hope there are plenty of good things to eat in Bloomington!

Brunette said...

Oops - I meant "Wouldn't life be easier..." And I even previewed!

Pretty in Pink said...

I CRAVE Italian BMTs from Subway once and a while. Sometimes they are a Saturday after weigh-in treat...along with the pizza, chineese food, it Saturday yet?