Monday, May 15, 2006


I stayed the same this week. Not a surprise, considering I had a few good days and a few bad days. I'm finding the same challenges.... it's very easy to stay on plan when I'm just at home all day or when it's a workday where I get to plan all my meals. But all those work-related meals still pose a challenge (and yes, commenters, I know that work is *work* - but sometimes work involves food. I usually try to pre-eat or make the best choices, but there aren't always good choices to be had.) and an irregular social schedule also means having to plan well so that hunger pains don't play into the evening.

This week, I have one work meal (today), one social dinner (sushi), and one catered event in the evening (pre-eat my Lean Cuisine). Then I have an all-day Board retreat on the weekend....not sure what the food situation will be there, but I'm sure it will be a challenge. So my Flexies will definitely be needed. But I'm going to try to not go over for a change!

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