Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Today's After-Work Safeway Deals

Yes, I braved the store at 6 pm, and it wasn't so bad! Of course, I was super-hungry by the time I got there, so I did buy more items than I planned on... but they were all very WW-friendly!

Good deals:
Rice-A-Roni Rice Mix - $1.00, reg price $1.49
Quaker Rice Cake mini snack cakes (caramel corn flavor, of course) - $1.00, reg $2.19
San Giorgio pasta (cappellini for me) - $1.00, reg price $1.39
Campbell's Chunky Chili - $2.50, reg price $2.95
Lucerne Smoothies - $1.25, reg price $1.69
WW Smart Ones - 5 for 10 bucks! Even the pizzas! Score! Reg price $2.49 - $3.49.
Yoplait Nouriche Smoothies - $1.50, reg price $1.99
Athenos hummus - $2.79, reg price $3.29

I just ate one of those little Safeway pre-made salads - the kind found in the bagged salad section, not in the deli. It was the cobb salad, which could've been bad news. But since it's a pretty small portion in that bowl, I got lots of bacony and bleu cheese goodness for only 9 points!

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