Friday, May 05, 2006

An Alternative to Stress Eating

It's been another very stressful day here at work - one that saw my professional future being laid out for me unexpectedly via a conference call with the big boss (all good, but still very nerve-wracking!). As you know, my usual instinct on a draining day like this is to get rid of the stress by heading for chips, or cookies, or ice cream.

Instead, I grabbed a sympathetic friend from her cubicle and we headed outside. After a quick trip for a diet soda and its caffeine kick, we went for a long walk around the neighborhood. We even decided to drop in and surprise another friend at her office, cuz it's Friday and why not?

I felt much better afterwards - being outside, walking around and talking things through, plus the fun of a visit with an old friend. It was *MUCH* better for me than cookies or ice cream!


ScottE. said...

GOOD for you!

Lady Brandenburg said...

Good for you! I would say that is a major NSV!!