Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Such Restraint!

I just got back from another catered affair, this time at a friend's organization. No pressure, it was all social for me and I didn't have to work. :-) I did SOOOOO wel. I pre-ate a Lean Cuisine pizza, so I only had alcohol there and didn't even touch the tempting buffets. 2 glasses of wine and an apple-tini. So I'm a little buzzed now.... but so glad I didn't pick up any of the stuffed grape leaves/veggie pizzas/empanadas or many, many desserts that I saw.

Of course, when I got home I HAD to get some food in me so I could at least be coherent to watch LOST. So I ate a shrimp ring I've had thawing in the fridge. Did you know that 10 oz of shrimp - the whole ring - is only 6 points??? Love it! And that's why God invited flex points.

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