Monday, May 08, 2006

Post-Conference Weigh-In

Well, I'm up one pound on the scale. Blah. What I think that means is that I was probably up a few pounds after the conference last week, and that by staying on plan this week I was able to lessen some of that damage. But it still never feels good to see the dial on the scale keep going up.

So now starts another week on plan, and it will be full of challenges. I have evening plans Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday so far, which means I have to be good about saving up Flexies and strategizing on how to make the best use of those restaurant menus. I'll keep you posted....

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Lady Brandenburg said...

Good luck and stay strong this week!

I know my downfall is finding multiple reasons to "celebrate" - that's when I get in trouble and drink all my flex points in the form of wine. That's what I did this weekend - but I really have to tell myself, I'm always going to find excuses to ignore WW - going out to dinner, celebrating birthdays, LOST dinners on Wed. nights with my parents... we just have to remember.... Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!! (hard to remember when my Aunt keeps bringing fancy and YUMMY red wine to all of our family gatherings!)