Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Sushi Feast, Plus Some Wine Flexies

I had a pretty good day today, and that included a veritable FEAST for dinner. Thank goodness for sushi, the low-point indulgence! With a huge plate of happy hour priced maki sushi (or is it nigiri? I get them confused) and some cucumber rolls and tuna rolls, plus some chicken soup and 2 glasses of wine, I still only ended up using 7.5 flex points for the whole day. And this is one where I'd slotted to use some extras. Hooray!

I have plans out for the next 2 nights - a catered event and a happy hour - and my plan is to bring some Lean Cuisines to work for the pre-eat dinner trick. And I'm in the mood for some soup and salad lunches. Wish me luck!

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Pretty in Pink said...

I went to Tosca last night (and saw John Kerry after dinner when he was walking out-heart!) and even though I had left 19 points for the day for dinner, I still went 19 over into the flex! YIPES! Could have been not so bad if I didn't have two glasses of champagne and a glass of wine plus bread, but it was worth it. WORST part is I haven't been to the gym yet this week and this morning I woke up with a crazy hungover/i can't eat like that anymore stomach ache and the thought of bouncing around on an elliptical went out the window.

OY. I always say that I'll be happy with anything but a gain, but I fear for Saturday WI!