Sunday, May 07, 2006

Points Don't Count at the Ballpark, Do They?

I did fairly well yesterday, considering it was my first time out for a baseball game this season (see my other blog for deets). I kept it light all day, including a Smart Ones for lunch. It was the tuna noodle casserole.... fairly decent, but trusty cat Cleo had a fit trying to get into my lap to eat it! I still had a decent amount of points available when I went out for the night, and I had a plan that would allow me to go slightly over if I wanted to. It's a lifestyle, right?

I did fairly well. Only 2 beers - when I could've had 3 or 4. And I did splurge and have TWO hot dogs. Due to my previous attempts at vegetarianism and/or no red meat as a lifestyle, I hadn't had a real all-beef hot dog since 1997. Was it worth the wait? Hells yeah! That dog was so tasty I had to have another.

But overall, the points were still pretty good. A hot dog with a roll = 8 points. So with my 2 dogs, my beers, and the combo of the major alcohol point consumption the night before, I ended up at -6 on Flexies for the week. I've stayed home all day today and am keeping it light, so I feel pretty good about this first week back on plan. We'll see how it ends up on the scale tomorrow.

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