Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hangin' In There

It's been a rough couple of days, WW-wise, and I fully blame work-related challenges.

Thursday morning I had a breakfast meeting at 8 am. Well, I know that when I have to get up super-early in the morning, I usually can't eat at home cuz my tummy gets upset if I eat too early. So I didn't pre-eat before going, which I really should have. Of course, when I got there, there was this *fantastic* breakfast spread. I was expecting just bagels and fruit, thinking I could handle that easily on points. Instead, it was a full-on breakfast, with pancakes, sausage, bacon, fruit, and pastries. Since I rarely get *real* breakfast, I decided to splurge and enjoy. I had everything except pastries. Wow, pointalicious!

Now, I could have salvaged the day with lunchtime, but instead I just decided to have an *off-plan* day and indulge. So I hit the deli buffet bar for lunch, with fresh roasted turkey, scalloped potatoes, and meat lasagna. And I was *exhausted* so I allowed myself a real, delicious, now-super-sized 24 oz Classic Coke. That's a 6 point beverage right there. I thought about ordering in dinner when I got home, and really indulging with chicken tikka masala. But, actually, my tummy was so full from the first two meals of the day that I just ate a bag of microwave popcorn for dinner.

Then, on Friday, I was really on a roll and doing well. A tiny, 3 point breakfast, and a healthy lunch of roasted potato veggie soup and a mixed greens salad. Unfortunately, the soup and salad comes with bread and butter, which I went for. And then I got a cookie. That would've all been okay, but we had a big staff meeting Friday afternoon and my boss surprised us with treats - a HUGE plate of giant cookies. Did I resist? What do you think? So lots of cookie points on Friday. When I got home, I cheated a bit with some lime Tostitos and salsa, but then I did have a Lean Cuisine for dinner.

So I've now exceeded my weekly points allowance. All the flexies are gone and I'm at about -10 for the week. Today I have two parties - a picnic in the afternoon (which I may pre-eat for) and a party at Buffalo Billiards tonight (definitely will pre-eat for). Tomorrow includes lunch plans, too, at a place I love. So I think the best I can hope for with this week's weigh-in is to just maintain....

I really should get back to the gym!


Lady Brandenburg said...

Well clearly you need a new job. Like mine. With NO frills - and certainly not a full breakfast at meetings. So that's it, just quit your job. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Joking aside, I definitely fall into the "well, I've blown it already, so I guess I'll just blow the whole day" trap. Esp. when the meal I've blown is breakfast. Then it's too easy to not worry about lunch and dinner and chalk up the whole day as a wash. I am REALLY guilty of doing that.

I guess the key is to try not to have too many of those days in a row. I blew it last night and basically drank all my 35 flex points - and I know on Sunday I'm going to totally blow it because it's Mother's Day - thus a very drunky family celebration - so I'll just try the rest of the week to be SUPER good.

Stef said...

Hey Lady B. I was thinking recently about how much my job involves *eating* or entertaining. Just this week, 3 meals were official work functions, plus a night out after an event. I think the nature of my job has grown into one of my biggest diet challenges. And we're starting in on the worst season for it... lots of big events, with tastings beforehand, in the next few months. Imagine planning a wedding 2+ times a year.... Aaargh!

Anonymous said...

I think one key thing to keep in mind when you are at a work function is that it is WORK. It is not a vacation, not an evening out with friends, not a social situation. Therefore, perhaps thinking of work events that involve food as a time for work and not pleasure could be a good start towards ignoring the yummy buffets. I used to travel A LOT for work and this is the tactic I took.

The other trick I have used on more than one occassion is to look at the food and tell myself this will not be my last opportunity to eat it. As I go through life, I will have many more chances to eat pancakes, pastries, eggs, etc, so why over-indulge right now? Now, if you find youself at a one-of-a-kind restaurant in the middle of Italy while you are on vacation, that is a different story. But buffet-style brekkies will always be there. Plus IHOP is probably just around the corner....

ScottE. said...

With all the events I've done and all the tastings I've been too, the staff at those functions (catering/hotel) don't taste, or if they do, it's just a bite of to echo Anons comments, maybe the way around that is to really treat these things as work and only go 1/2 way or so with the tastings?