Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday Morning at the Safeway

There are some good deals out there today! And, I'm happy to report that at about 8:30 am when I was walking to the store, I detected a bit of a chill in the air. It felt great! I wanted to do the dance of joy! I'm so ready for this heat wave to end...

Today's challenge-friendly deals:
  • Safeway brand canned beans - 50 cents, reg price 69 cents
  • Safeway brand boxed pasta - 75 cents, reg price $1.19
  • Orville Redenbacher Smart Pop box of 3 bags - $1.66, reg price $3.29
  • Crystal Light, small canister - $3.00, reg price $3.99
  • Star-Kist lite tuna in water, 3-pack - $2.64, reg price $2.79
  • Lucerne light yogurt - 40 cents, reg price 60 cents
  • Healthy Choice frozen pizza - $2.00, reg price $3.49
  • Healthy Choice selected entrees - $2.50, reg price $4.19
  • Safeway shrimp rings (I love 'em!) - $3.99, reg price $4.99
  • Black plums - $1.99/lb, reg price $2.99/lb

There you have it --- happy shopping!


Dezel said...


I know its not relative to the post, but this a good place for me to confess.

Today after wine tasting in Warrenton I stopped at Cold Stones and had a delicious Cherry Bake 'Love It' Ice Cream (yummy).

I felt filthy after consuming all but the spoon and cup, but boy it was good going down.

I guess I will have to adopt your saying Stef:

Dezel does not need Cold Stone ice cream.

Dezel does not need Cold Stone ice cream

Especially the 'Love it' size.

Especially the 'Love it' size.


Okay, I feel better now : )


Stef said...

Dezel, I'm glad you feel comfortable confessing! Trust me, I've done much worse as far as bad judgment after wine tasting.... can you say Melting Pot?!? But, you've had your ice cream and it sounds like now you're moving on. Good luck! :-)