Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dinner Deconstructed

I had a pretty decent dinner tonight out at one of my favorite restaurants, Cafe Luna. That's usually where I go to have my pasta fix, but since I'd eaten almost all starch all day long I decided to change it up a bit:


Good: A cup of vegetarian chili filled with kidney beans, corn, tomatoes, and peppers in a tomato base.
So-So: I sprinkled about 1/4 cup of shredded cheese on top. I needed the dairy, but not necessarily the fat.
Bad: I also had 1/2 a roll with some butter. Not necessary at all - the appetizer would've been plenty filling without the starch and fat.


Good: I ordered the avocado, tomato and sprouts sandwich and had it on a tortilla wrap, so it was pretty darn healthy overall.
So-So: I had them put a little balsamic vinaigrette on the wrap for flavor and binding fun.
Bad: Alas, the healthy wrap came with a handful of ripple potato chips. I ate them.


So-So: I had 2 glasses of riesling. Mighty tasty, but I didn't need the calories. I'm okay with it, though, cuz I love a great glass of wine.... or two!

I didn't calculate the points on this, cuz I'll be honest that it's been a long time since I've actually counted my points. But this was a pretty darn good attempt to have a healthy, balanced meal. Hooray!

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Asian Mistress said...

All in all it doesn't sound that bad! At least you don't pig out when you go out to eat like I do....sheesh. I suck at that.