Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Shivering Points?

I'll call this the hypothermia diet. Since being back in the office, our AC is on so freakin' high that it's an icebox. We're sitting there freezing all day long, and we've all changed the kinds of clothes and shoes we're wearing just to be warmer during the day - regardless of the fact that it's a freakin' heat advisory outside.

But here's the funny thing. For the past 2 days - even though I've had really big lunches - I have been STARVING by the end of the day. Totally serious hunger pains.

My theory? It's so cold in the office that my body is using extra calories just to try to keep warm. Sound feasible? Or just wishful thinking? I'd love to lose an extra pound or two from this -- it would make all that darn shivering worth it!

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Dezel said...

Hi Stef,

Thats funny, let me know if it works. I will camp out in my fridge for a hour a day if it does.

Reading through your post it looks like you are doing very well. I still have a little to go but the biggest thing I have found, outside of watching carbs, sugar, fat, and what have you, has been portion control. You cover that in Nutrition 101, and for me shrinking my portion size, which I truly dislike seems to work. Hey, I'm like everyone else, Super Size me please ! lol