Sunday, July 09, 2006

Introducing Tamilee

I just got a new exercise DVD. I have a whole bunch of them, and some are more motivating than others. This one is Tamilee's "The Science of Fitness - I Want that Body!" It has "I Want Those Abs!" and "I Want Those Arms!" and "I Want Those Buns!" Each section is divided into 2 different 15 minute workouts, an easier one and a more challenging one.

Inspired by a conversation with a friend today about strength training vs. cardio, I decided to pop in the DVD and do a little arm work. I did the first 15 minute arm workout, and already my arms can feel it! She does 3 reps of a series of arm exercises, focusing on biceps, shoulders and triceps. You've probably done all of them before, but Tamilee keeps it flowing pretty smoothly and she's very low on the annoying scale. (No Denise Austin-style cheerleading, and that's fine by me.) She speaks like a trainer and keeps talking about muscle groups, so it makes for a bit of an academic exercise as well as physical.

I am pretty much a beginner when it comes to strength workouts. I've taken weightlifting classes before and I've played around, but I've never done a serious program to build muscle. I'm a bit of a weakling. But that means I've got lots of room for improvement.... and the beauty of arm work is you can see results almost immediately. My biceps even seem a little more defined than they were 1/2 an hour ago!


Velvet said...

Is this Tamilee Webb? If so, she's a fitness guru. She gained some fame with the Abs of Steel videos. She rocks.

Stef said...

Yep, she's the same person from the Buns of Steel series. I read up more on her after posting this. She seems pretty good - I'll try either the abs or buns in a few days and see how it feels. All the Amazon reviews say that they kick butt, in a good way.