Thursday, July 20, 2006

Satisfying that Craving

I've been totally back in an Indian food phase again lately. It's been one of my favorite kinds of foods for years, and I've been to several restaurants lately to indulge. But Indian food is not the greatest thing to have on a diet. That's why I'm so glad that Whole Foods sells Ethnic Gourmet frozen entrees. The chicken tikka masala meal is *delicious* and it totally satisfies my need for Indian food. If I couldn't find these small-portioned meals in the store, I'd probably order A La Carte delivery a lot more often and pay $25 for a HUGE bag full o' food, and I would eat it all.

As for the points value.... well, it's a mystery. I think that for the first time ever I may have gotten a package with a misprint. My instinct, from having eaten this meal many times in the past, was that it was about 7 or 8 points. But I just read the nutrition info off the box and it said it was 200 calories, 6g of fat, and 2g of fiber. That's just 4 points! But then I checked the web site, and it had very different nutritional info, more along the lines of 7 or 8 points. I'm not sure what happened there.... but either way it's a decent sized portion that won't break the points bank!

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Anonymous said...

I also noticed a mistake on the Palak Paneer I bought at Whole Foods. Box said calories = 240. Seemed low to me so I checked online. Calories = 420. Wonder what is going on?