Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Day 1 of the Challenge

Well, wouldn't you know it, today turned out to be a terrible day for food intake. I started out very sensibly, but then went to a meeting at my boss's house where she had put out a great breakfast spread, then had lunch with a friend and totally went for Thai curry, then had to work from home the rest of the day/evening and ended up snacking. A lot.

But there were some good things, in keeping with my 10-Week Challenge goals:

  • I just tracked every last one of those darn points.
  • I did a bunch of extra walking around today.
  • I had a lot of fruit and fruit juice today.
  • I had a veggie snack - those WW favorites, baby carrots.

So, even though I've used all but 4.5 of my flexies FOR THE WEEK, I'm still doing okay on what I've set myself out to do. Tomorrow is another day!


Dezel said...

Hey good for you with your program. Last year I went from 201 to 165 by signing up with diettogo.com. I pretty much learned portion control, and did'nt focus on the atkins or low carb stuff like i did in the past. I just quit the program about 3 weeks ago and started making my own nominal portion meals (from trader joes and whole foods) and it is working out. Continued results and success with your plan !

ps...are those baby carrots not the bomb !


Asian Mistress said...

Yaay :):)