Sunday, March 05, 2006

Stir-In Ideas?

I've been scanning the pantry trying to figure out what to make for dinner tonight. I don't want to make a grocery run, partly because I'm having a lazy Oscar Sunday and partly because I've got to use up stuff from the freezer and pantry.

I have 2 options as I see it for dinner tonight: my big bean & corn Spanish rice dish, or something risotto-related. I love my Spanish rice, but since I did eat that turkey chili for several meals last week I kinda think I need to give my tummy a break. And all of those ingredients keep forever, so there's no rush.

Which leaves me with the risotto idea. I have a box (don't scream, you homemade risotto people!) of creamy parmesan style Lundberg risotto mix. What I'm wondering is if I can make it a little healthier and make it stretch further by mixing in some veggies. I have tons of frozen broccoli and I also have some frozen spinach. I'd be willing to use either to mix in, and I'm not sure yet which sounds better with a Creamy Parmesan flavor. Maybe the spinach?

Actually, I also have a box of garlic couscous mix, which could be used in much the same way. The same veggies could be stirred in there, as well.

Ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Lady Brandenburg said...

I vote for the parmesan risotto with broccoli - but that's just because I love a little cheese with my broccoli!