Thursday, March 02, 2006

Home Court Advantage

I had a whole combo of "not feeling great" things going on when I woke up this morning, so I decided to use some of my mountains of accrued time for a day off. I'm sorry it means I had to cancel on dinner/movie plans for tonight, but that actually helps with both my points and my wallet for the day. (Yikes, a March 1 rent increase.)

Anyway - I'm amazed today as I often am on weekends how much easier it is to stick to the points when I'm eating all of my food at home. Since I bought a lot of groceries this week, my kitchen is still really well stocked and I've had all kinds of choices at my disposal.

I had a yogurt smoothie for breakfast, leftover turkey chili for lunch (is it possible that it tasted better now than it did on Sunday? the flavors were so rick!), and some hummus and reduced fat wheat thins for a snack. I think I will probably drink an entire pitcher of Crystal Light pink lemonade, as well. I am so much better about drinking water/crystal light at home than at work.

For dinner, I really want some protein. I may crack open the Butterball turkey kielbasa (Lady B, you know how good those are!) and have that. Or I've got a bunch of LC/SO options in the freezer. With a low point dinner like that, I could still have some popcorn later....

I could never stand to stay at home all the time, but it is nice to have a break and suhc a guilt-free day. And the fact that I've been watching Food Network all afternoon hasn't even affected me. But, I do already have lunch plans with friends tomorrow.... I'll cross that bridge when I come to it!

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Lady Brandenburg said...

Yummmmm - kielbasa.... You are so right, it is so much easier to be good when you eat at home. We've been eating out almost every night this week. I actually feel a little going-out-outed. Bleh.