Sunday, March 05, 2006

I Exercised!

Yeah, yeah, I should've been doing it all along. And I actually haven't even been walking as much as I should be, cuz it's been cold enough that the darn bus right in front of my door is way too tempting.

But today I sucked it up and decided to get in some actual exercise. I still couldn't bring myself to go down to the gym (I didn't want to shower beforehand, cuz... why?) so I dusted off one of the many exercise videos that I have laying on the shelf.

I spent 30 minutes with Neena and Veena, the Belly Twins, doing a beginning "Bellydance for Fitness" tape. This is an oldy-but-goody that's actually kinda fun. I'm so glad no one can see me shimmying around my apartment. I'm sure it's a sight to see, but one I'm not ready to show anybody! This is a good low-impact workout that really focuses on the mid-section, and it always stretches some hip and ab muscles that I never knew I had. So, while I won't be ready for an evening at Marrakesh anytime....ever... it is a good workout.

I'll try to dust off another exercise tape again soon. Or one of these days I'll find my feet taking me into the gym for real!

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