Saturday, March 18, 2006

Stay Away from Rich Yellow Food

That's my lesson of this week. After yesterday's corn muffin shocker, today I was beaten down by temptation at the movies.

I had been doing really well, a good breakfast and lots of walking around the neighborhood running errands. Then I went out for lunch at a sushi place and did well, too. It's amazing how much food you can get for relatively low points! I got a combo meal, of miso soup, salad, and 13 pieces of sushi. Good stuff.

But, dammit, then we got to the movie theater. I don't know why I didn't stop myself, but I went ahead and got a small popcorn with butter. Now, at least it was at a Landmark theater which still has decent, human-size portions. But still.... I'm having a hard time figuring out exactly what the points value is, cuz the WW boards are showing all kinds of crazy answers. But it looks like at the very least the killer butter concoction put me somewhere in the 11 - 17 points range. And that's for a small! Some people were saying as high as 42, but I find that really hard to believe. That's like 2 steaks.

Anyway, lesson learned. Avoid the popcorn, which is another buttery yellow food. If I really needed a snack today, heck, I could've gone for a candy bar and it would've been a lot less!


Stef said...

Okay, here's more info. Turns out 2 steaks was lowballing it:

ScottE. said...

OH BOY! Thank god I haven't been to too many movies in the past few months...!