Monday, March 27, 2006


I lost another pound this week! Phew, that's the first loss in a while and it feels good. It's nice to see actual validation on the scale for all of my efforts in trying to control what I'm eating. Even better, that was an actual weigh-in *today* and not just yesterday. I did a precautionary weigh-in Sunday morning, cuz I knew I was going to a foodie feast (check in on the other blog and Scotte's site later today for details) and wanted to just log my Sunday weight and not worry about what I ate. I did that, but then I also stepped on the scale this morning just to see. Still down one pound! Hooray!

This was my first weekend of no computer access at home, while my laptop is away at the service center being fixed. I did notice a difference in how well I was able to stay on plan. I didn't have the ability to log in and record my points during the days, and I'm sure that meant I forgot a few little things along the way and probably ate more than I should have. But it worked out okay, because I was very good during the week and even my little splurges on the weekened weren't horrible.



ScottE. said...

I knew I was making a healthy meal!

Asian Mistress said...

Yay! :)

I need to get on the wagon...